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With 15 years of experience and having worked with hundreds of brands, I provide digital marketing and consulting services for businesses of all sizes.

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    San Diego Based Digital Marketing Consultant

    Seasoned digital marketer with a passion for helping businesses plan and execute profitable digital marketing campaigns. With 15 years of experience, many of those years working for full-service digital marketing agencies, I am able to offer a full suite of digital marketing services ranging from Search Engine Optimization to Paid Search/Paid Social to Website Design & Development. Having worked with hundreds of different companies over the past 15 years, I have experience in just about every industry you can imagine.

    As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve quickly, it is important you have someone with the experience and knowledge to help you lead your digital marketing efforts. Reach out and let’s talk about how we can work together to develop a marketing strategy that will help YOU achieve your goals.


    What I Can Help You With

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Content Marketing

    Improve the organic rankings for your target keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo. I will help you increase organic traffic to your site focusing on everything from on-page content and technical optimization to the creation and promotion of engaging content.

    Social Media

    Create engaging and interactive content across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I will help you build a strong social following that both improves customer loyalty as well as provides a medium to engage current customers as well as develop new ones.

    Email Marketing

    Leverage the power of email marketing to build strong customer relationships that drive revenue for your business. I will help you grow your subscriber list and deliver targeted email marketing campaigns that will help you increase revenue from existing customers.

    Website Development

    Foundational to any successful digital marketing campaign is a well designed and optimized website. I will help you create a new website or update your existing site to ensure you have a great looking website that drives revenue for your business.

    Design & Creative

    At the center or many successful digital marketing campaigns is strong creative and campaign messaging. I offer a variety of design services ranging from logo design to banner advertisement creation to designing fully custom websites.

    Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign Strategy

    Running campaigns on a few different channels and not sure if your marketing is all working together holistically? Allow me to help and work with you to come up with an omni-channel campaign strategy that ties together all of your digital as well as offline marketing efforts.

    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Quickly drive prospective customers to your site that have high purchase intent through a well optimized Pay Per Click campaign. Whether you are you new to PPC or have had a PPC campaign running for years, I can help you create and optimize highly profitable paid campaigns.

    Paid Social Advertising

    Harness the impressive targeting abilities of social channels such as Facebook and Linkedin to reach the right audience of prospective customers. I can help use paid social advertising to build followings on your social channels as well as drive revenue through targeted direct response campaigns.

    Display & Retargeting

    Leverage banner advertisements to both drive new prospective customers into your marketing funnel as well as convert customers who have visited your site previously, but did not convert on their initial visit.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Maximize the efficiency of your website by running A/B tests that will ultimately improve the conversion rate of your website. Through testing, I can help you get the most out of website visitors by improving the usability and conversion flow on your website.

    Analytics & Reporting

    At the center of every well run digital marketing campaign is accurate data with easy to understand reporting. Whether you need help setting up the proper tracking or developing reporting that allows you make key business decisions, let me help you better understand what your marketing efforts are doing for your business.

    Agency Auditing

    Having worked inside digital marketing agencies for nearly a decade, I understand how important it is for businesses to find the right agency to work with. If you would like to get a second pair of eyes on your current agency run digital marketing campaigns, let myself and my network of channel experts audit your campaigns to ensure there are no issues or areas of missed opportunity.


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